Quality Improvement Lead


  • Generate/refine SOPs for QC and also lead the end to end QC process in the warehouse for both packaging, finished goods, and other inventories.
  • Work with R&D/product development team to determine quality requirement for each product. Set the appropriate AQL for products/suppliers to minimize quality issues while optimizing sample cost.
  • Monitor the throughput of QC process and improve it to reduce overall warehouse operation lead time.
  • Maintaining documents (CoA, inspection report, etc.) and reserving retained samples.
  • Follow up with suppliers for any rejects found, raise credit note to deduct invoice, and collaborate with warehouse team if sorting or return process are required.
  • Collect complaints from customers, initiate the troubleshooting/testing, and work with product development team/R&D to resolve any quality related issues. Submit complaint form to suppliers if necessary.
  • Initiate quality improvement project while also keeping track of any ongoing quality issues pending resolution.
  • Perform quality update/audit to suppliers by examining their manufacturing process, documentation, quality system, storage, product development testing, etc.
  • Develop return business process from customers should any recall or exchange products are allowed. Monitor and improve the existing practice to reduce loss or obsolescence.
  • Determine product disposition for any return/rejects/damage goods found in the warehouse.
  • Publish quality deviation report.


  • Bachelor degree in technical field (Chemistry/Pharmacy/Chem Eng) with 2-3 years’ experience.
  • Have knowledge or familiar with GMP, ISO 9001, BPOM, CPKB, sampling method, and laboratory testing.
  • Prior exposure into FMCG or beauty products within QA/QC area is preferred.
  • Good at multi-tasking, prioritization of work, cross function communication, and problem solving.
  • Fast learner, driven, proactive, and organized in high growth VUCA environment.
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